The ESL Movie Making Project

ESL film-making

The ESL Movie Making Project is a fun, task-based project designed for a language-learning classroom.

Small groups of students go through the steps of film-making as they create their own foreign-language movie.

For the last five years, we have worked to help scaffold the skills of film-making in the classroom while maintaining real educational goals. Over the years, we have tweaked, improved and expanded the film-making process. We’ve added helpful classroom activities and supplementary materials. All of this has led to better and better student learning and classroom attitude, as well as higher quality short films.

a film slateWe feel movie-making has brought new life into our English classroom. As a teacher, I’ve enjoyed seeing my students showcase their creativity through their speaking and writing skills. I’m often impressed by their films and share in the pride of their final achievement: their first movie.

If your students are low-intermediate or higher, we hope you will use this movie-making project to supplement your ESL camp, university curriculum, middle to high school class or other learning environment.

Explore the steps of the ESL Movie Making Project and learn more:

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  • Brainstorming
  • An esl storyboard example
  • ESL Character development
    Character Development
  • ESL script writing
    Script Writing
  • ESL drama play
    Live Acting
  • Film Schedule Calendar
    Filming Schedule
  • ESL location scouting
    Location Scouting
  • ESL film-making
  • video editing
  • Matinee Theater Board
    Film Festival

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